Black & White

An Odd Thing // An odd thing that relates to a story I was writing at the time. This is a creature the protagonist sees. Comment?

RoboMan // A small sketchy drawing done for fun of a giant tin-can looking robot. :D

Ozora w/cross // Another character drawing of Ozora holding a small cross.

Sha Gojyo // Saiyuki inked fanart. :D Sha Gojyo is the hottest! Gotta love a smoking demon.

Shaman of Edo // Edo is the old name of Tokyo. And this just is just a shaman. I sketched him in painter, and thus he remains. Comment?

Quintroduction // An old site mascot returns to introduce Esc. (Although I never finsihed drawing "esc.") Still, I think this pic is cute. Sorta. Comment?

Ghostchild Death // Death is personified as a small ghoulish girl with angel wings. She is also part of the idea/manga thingie I've been thinking about. Comment?

Chick @ 500px // This was a random girl I drew. She looks rather happy, though.

Father // This was an idea sketch of a character in a manga I was thinking about. He had control of time and a golem. Yeah, even though he was Catholic he had a golem.