My Bad art section in which I host all my doodles! here are some "fun" pics.

Whit's b-day
"The Short Life of Boxy" (Part 1)
"The Short Life of Boxy" (Part 2)
Josh as a blushing bride
Infamous "Cute Japanese Boy On the Bus" comic
a hapi girl
I'm going insane
Some weird thing with Sonya, my cat
My cat is pissed
The Sephiroth RP
Terri was insane in that RP
Who wouldn't date a guy who makes balloon animals?
Tea time with Sephiroth
Sephy is in love with Nikki... but she don't care.
The gang as Hogwarts students (in color!)
Trista choking Brian
Tyler for Saffy's b-day
The NRA drawn crappily in MSPaint (color)
Vash And Wolfwood shonen-ai (boy x boy pic)