This is a story I wrote when I felt extremely sick because I drank some coca cola. I can't drink caffeine in large doses.
It seriously makes me ill. Edd is one of my favorite characters in Ed, Edd, & Eddy. Typing will loosen the joints in my
Edd awoke in his warm bed. The harsh buzz of the alarm clock overshadowed any comfort his bed gave him. He climbed out of bed and entered the bathroom. “Another glorious day,” he chirped to himself. He smiled half heartedly and removed his clothes to take a shower. He glanced at his face. He knew the Deeper and Darker thoughts of genius should never touch his morning. Not this morning. This day was special.
He exited his home, fresh for the new day and eager to enjoy the splendor of nature. Then they came along. Ed and Eddy were clamoring up the cul-de-sac towards Edd. Edd cringed, fully aware that the boys had some mischief in mind.
“HEY DOUBLE-D!” Eddy shouted as he neared.
“Buttered toast, Double-D!” Ed guffawed.
Edd braced his frail body for the onslaught of two heavy boys. Ed was the first to make contact.
“Ed, no!” Double-D shouted in vain as Ed fell atop him.
“Ha, ha. Double-D. You're not that strong.” Ed's tongue lolled out of his mouth as he laughed. Eddy caught up to the duo and snickered.
“Really, now.”  Edd got up and dusted himself off.
“Double-D, I have this great plan…” Eddy began.
Double-D shifted his weight and looked towards the ground.  Nothing good ever came of Eddy’s plans.  They always involved injuring one’s self, getting filthy, or possibly getting others angry.
Eddy continued, “We can put Ed on a pedestal and make a weird freak show out of it.  I can see it all now!  Kids will pay ten cents a piece to see ‘Ed: The Bottomless Pit’.”
“Just Ed?” Double-D interjected.
“Ahem, as I was saying… And ‘The Amazing Wunderkind Double-D’.”
“What am I supposed to do,”  Double-D crossed his arms over his chest slightly peeved.  “Quantum Physics?”
Ed was becoming eager.  “Do the thing where you make electricity.  You’re a mad scientist Double-D!”
“Quite.”  Double-D eyed Ed and Eddy suspiciously.  “Are you sure anyone wants to see us?”
Eddy grinned, “Positive.  Besides, We‘ll get a couple of Rolf‘s freakish animals.  Everyone loves animals.”
“I don’t know, Eddy.”  Edd had made plans for the day.  These were constructive, plan-ahead plans.  You can’t go willy-nilly and break engagements.  He fretted over the consequences for a while.  “I did have some work planned for today.”
“What could you possibly have planned for today, Sockhead?”  Eddy’s eyes searched the cul-de-sac for a good place to set up.
“Special plans, Eddy.”
“What could possibly be more special than earning money to buy jaw breakers with?”
“Some things are valued differently than other, I agree,” he protested, “But sometimes one must work as an individual to suit individual needs.”
Eddy was growing increasingly impatient, “What are you talking about?”
“I mean, I don’t want to be involved with your schemes today.  I have other plans.”
Eddy, never one to admit defeat, “Fine, Double-D.  You go ahead and spend time on this Secret Plan of yours.”  He scoffed, “You’ll be back.  I know you.”  With that he stalked off.
Ed, who up until that time, had been chasing a passing squirrel followed the now angry Eddy towards his home.

“Whew,” Edd sighed.  “Now that that’s out of the way…”