(Why this fic was chosen.... bad grammar, punctuation, and it's a stolen fic. It's the same premise as another girls fic, but that person wrote waaaay better.)
BACKSTORY FOR MSTing: This is an alternate universe.. as there are many. In this universe the evil Dr.Gero has caught Vegeta and has decided to torture him along with his two disobedient Androids 17 & 18 in hopes that Vegeta will go insane and the androids will short circuit. (Yes I'm aware that they are humans with robotic enhancements.... but just play along.)
*18,17 and Vegeta enter and begin reading fic*
Vegeta: I hope this isn't a lemon.
18: It's not, you idiot.
17: Dr. Gero keeps those for himself.
Vegeta: That IS sick.

17: Not another fic about growing up in the 'hood I hope. Damn you, Dr.Gero! I will exact revenge.

>.~*J *~.

All three: what the hell??

>by: Ultimate Anime Girl

18: as apposed to "Loser Dubbie Girl"?

>Hi peeps!

Vegeta: And the Nobel prize goes to Ultimate Anime Girl! Who could forget the moving sentence "Hi peeps!"?

>This is my first attempt on a story like this. Be gentle please.

Vegeta: oh we WILL
18: She'a already begging for mercy!
>Disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ-GT kay.

17: Like anyone who used the word "kay" would own the series.

>In Bra’s 2nd grade classroom…

Vegeta: Bra?
18: Aww, a heartwarming fic about Vegeta's young daughter. *laughs*
Vegeta: shut up tin-can.

>Teacher: Children I’d like for you all to write for a contest.
>The children moaned.

Vegeta: The asbestos was finally seeping into their respiratory system.
17: That was dark.

>Teacher: Come now. This will be fun. The prize will be…a trip for four to Hawaii!

18: *as teacher* of course you will be going to one of the volcanically active islands.
17: Jeez, who is the writer trying to kid? A second grade class contest with that sort of prize?!
Vegeta: This fic author's been lost since the first sentence.

>You must write about something you cherish and honor in your life. This will be for a grade.
>Teacher: Class dismissed.
>Bra ran out of the classroom along with all the other kids.
>Kid: Hey Bra what are you gonna write about?
>Bra: I’m not sure…I’m gonna go home and think about it. That prize sounds interesting though!

17: [other kid] Really? I thought the prize sucked!

>Kid: Yeah no kidding! See you Monday Bra.

18: [Bra] Goodbye random kid!
17: Am I the only one who notices the lack of punctuation?

>The kid waved and ran off to his home. Bra continued walking in a field thinking about what she wants to write about.
>Bra: Something that I cherish…I want to win!

17: [Bra] Screw the less fortunate other kids!

>I want to have a vacation with Dad and Mom! We’ll all have so much fun! Dad could use a vacation. ‘Gasp’

18: [Bra] Air, I need air!

>Yeah! He could!
Vegeta: She is sort of cute though.
18: Favoritism!
17: Did anyone else notice the gasp was in quotes?

>Bra ran home as fast as her half Saiya-jin legs could take her.

17: However, the human half of her legs were lazy slobs and refused to run.

>When she got home she threw her backpack on her bed, took out a notebook and started writing.
>Two hours later…
>Bulma: Vegeta can you go get Bra. Dinner is ready.

Vegeta: I totally loathe my mate, but love my daughter?
18: You're a complex character.

>Vegeta shouted down the halls. Then sat back with a look of satisfaction.
>Bulma: Vegeta!!! *slap* I said go get her not shout down the halls for her!
>Bulma slapped Vegeta but it didn’t faze him a bit.

Vegeta: Like hell it wouldn't.
17: Wow, Bulma is needs to take her Valium.

>Minutes Later Bra

18: Much like Fashionably Late Bra, but with extra tardiness.

>still wasn’t at the dinning room.
>Bulma: Now Vegeta go up and get her or else I’ll make Trunks eat all your food!
>Trunks: ‘Gulp’

Vegeta: The greedy pig already ate it.

>Vegeta: ‘Gasp’

17: [Vegeta choking] Chicken bone.. in throat!

>Vegeta shot up the stairs.

18: Bulma was not pleased with the bullet holes in the nice wood paneling.

>Even though Vegeta acting all mean and bad in public, he was calm and loving around his daughter.
>Vegeta: Bra?
>Bra: Wha?!

All three: HUH?!
Vegeta: I'm so confused!

>Bra hid all the stuff under her blanket before he could see what she was doing.
>Vegeta: It’s time to come down to dinner. You don’t want your Mother worrying about you do you?

18: [Bulma] oh no! Bra is late one second to eat my horrible food!! Something must be wrong with that child.

>Bra: No Papa. I’ll come down in just a sec.
>Vegeta went out of the room closing the door in the process.
>Bra: ‘Sigh’ I wish I could tell.

18: [Bra] ...the author to stop writing this fic.

>After saying that Bra went down for dinner.
>Bulma: What took you?

17: Out of the room? Her father!

>Bra: Um…I was…washing my hands and turning off my computer.

18: At the same time? Don't try that at home kids!
Vegeta: Just like Bulma to never educate the children about electrical safty!

>Bulma: Oh ok. I understand.
>Bra sat down then went at the food like Goku would five minutes before sparing.
>Bra: Ok I’m done gotta get going now! ‘Zip!’
>Everyone blinked then went back to eating.

17: And no one ever mentioned Bra's strange outburst of the word "Zip" again.

>Tuesday, After school…
>Bra: Mommy! Dad! I won a writing contest thingy!
>Bulma: Oh that’s great honey! Don’t you get an award or something?

Vegeta: Bulma was a greedy penny pincher who enjoyed stealing her children's hard earned rewards.

>Bra: Yeah! Tonight I get a medal and a trip to Hawaii!
>Bulma: Wow! Hey what was it about sweety?

18: Uh didn't she just say it was a writing contest?
17: Bulma is kind of ditsy.

>Bra: I can’t say.
>Bulma: Well they’ll probably make you present it. I’ll invite all our friends!
>Bra: Wait! Oh…
>Bulma wasn’t paying attention when Bra said that.

Vegeta: As usual Bulma ignored the plea of her children while their father lovingly gave them shelter from her storm.
18: That is the biggest load of bull...

>Bra felt fear crawl up her spine.

17: [Bra] Bad Fear! You got out of your cage again?!

>She went to her room.
>Bra: What if Trunks or Goten hears this…or worse Daddy!

18: [Bra] He would beat me to a bloody pulp if he knew!
Vegeta: You're such a bitch, 18.

>At the ceremony…
>Bulma: Oh this is so exciting! Don’t you think so Vegeta?

Vegeta: Actually, no.

>Vegeta: ‘Grumble’.
>Goku: Oh come on Vegeta lighten up!

18: [Goku] Your make-up is always too dark.

>They all sat down. A big crowd tonight. Bra stood on stage.
>Announcer Guy: And now the winner of the writing contest… Bra Briefs!
>Bra took her essay and got up on the front podium.
>Bra: ‘Gulp’. Um…hello. I must say i-it is an honor to be here and win this award. Now for my essay. It’s called ‘Daughterhood’.

17: This is the part of the fic where Bra does a delightful rap.

>The audience was

Vegeta: Quickly leaving.

>silent. Awaiting the speech.
>Bra: Daughter…what would it mean without my Dad? He’s proud and strong. I love him no matter what. He’s the one who tucks me in at night…he’s the one who told me not to be afraid of the dark because that’s for weaklings.

18: [Bra] But then he also told me Goku's name was Kakarrot...so he's really just an idiot.

>My father takes me to the mall sometimes and I think he enjoys it. Most think of my father as a selfish, arrogant person, but deep inside he’s

18: [Bra]...even more hateful.
Vegeta: Hey.

>not like that at all.
>Bra paused for a second

17: Then hit rewind and watched the whole speech in slow motion.

>then continued.
>Bra: He’s one of the people I feel safest around. Little people

Vegeta: AHEM, vertically challenged.
18: You should know.
17: Ha!

>know that my Dad has saved this planet before and continues to do so. In secret we even had a tea party once.

18: [Bra] Dad demanded the tea party, but I tried to stop him. "It's our little secret," he kept repeating.
Vegeta: You make it sound so disgusting.

>His love has conforted me when I was sick. I watch him and Goku spar, and wonder how they do all of that within seconds. My Dad’s a regular Superman.

17: He's not a great Superman, just the everyday variety.
18: No, She means he's unleaded.

>Everyone applauded loudly and cheered. She thought she even heard Goten and Trunks whistle for her.

17: [Goten] take it off, baby!

>She smiled, took her award and walked off the stage. She ran to Vegeta and jumped into his arms. They hugged each other tightly and Vegeta lightly kissed her.

Vegeta: I am not soft or sweet!!!
18: Vegeta, the Cadbury egg!!
17: Those things are gross.


Vegeta: That wasn't so bad. Now, let me get the hell out of here.
18: When will people learn that trips to Hawaii aren't given out to 2nd graders?
17: Never?