(Why this one was chosen: Well among other things, the spelling is terrible and it has absolutely no punctuation! I pity the fic author.)
[Vegeta, 17, and 18 enter and begin to read]

>A Forribedian Love

17: A what?
Vegeta: That's the sort of love only Forribedians can share, didn't you know?
17: No.

> Xnightshade17

18: You're alter ego, 17?
17: Oh god, I hope not!

> A forrbidden love.

All three: IT'S FORBIDDEN!

> Author's note:Have you ever wondered if Goku's family might have once
> been a high class warrior.

Vegeta: No, we all know he was born a whiney weakling.

> Well I have and this is the story that I thought might have
> caused the sudden disgrace to become a low class warrior. This kinda takes
> place in a time way way way before Dragonball Z even before Dragonball.
> Anyways this takes place on the planet Chiyackle.

18: It's a lot like Chikyuu, except with some "Ackle" added, for flavor.

> This involes a former Chichi or Chiya and Goku or Karrotto in this story.

17: Why don't we just say that everyones name is going to be screwed up from here on in?
Vegeta: Cha-cha-cha Chia!

> _________________________________________________________
> Princess Chiya walked into her chambers. She drew aside the curtains
> that lead to her bathing chambers. She stepped into the warm water
> of the bath. She tilted her head back in the water to get it wet.

18: Then she spread seeds on her body and laid out in the sun.
Vegeta: I had a Chia pet once, but it died.

> She allowed herself to relax as she bathed. After awhile she stepped out
> and sat in front of her vanity. Where a black haired girl walked in and
> started brushing her hair. Right now Chiya was dreading the

17: fact that a strange anonymous girl was brushing her hair?

> meeting she would soon have with Commander Karrotto. She would meet
> with him to decide on an alliance between her people and his.
> Normally the queen would have done this but she was very ill. So it was up
> to her to negoiate for the good of her people. She only hoped she
> could do it. She was sure she could I mean she was very bright but her
> temper would be a problem.

Vegeta: What other random things can we add? "Chiya PMS. Cars crashing." Finish your sentences or add some pauses!

> "Are the preparations complete?" she asked.
> "Yes your majesty," said the girl.

17: [girl] We are ready to scrub you down with sandpaper.

> "All the food is ready there is enough for him and his men not to mention
> you and the soilders."

18: These "soilders" don't happen to use Metamucil, do they?
Vegeta: We've genetically engineered soldiers who soil themselves at the first sight of danger thereby fightening the enemy into a surrender!

> Chiya stood up and let the girl put the royal gown on her. Chiya allowed her
> to place the tiara on her. She waited while she applied her
> make-up. "Good."

17: Who said that?
18: Not the make-up, I hope.

> Another girl walked in and said, "They are here your majesty."
> Chiya nodded then walked into the thorne room. Where the Sayains had
> their backs to her there where four of them. One of them was tall
> and bald. Another was a little shorter with the most unruly hair. Another
> looked like him but older and had longer hair. While the third was female
> with long hair.

Vegeta: There were also two birds. One was blue, one was red, and the second was yellow.
17: Okay, Vegeta. We know he can't count.
Vegeta: Thank you.

> Sho took a deep breathe and spoke. "Which one of you is Karrotto?"
> The Sayains turned around and stared.
> "Are you the queen?" asked the big one.
> "No the queen is ill so I will stand in for her."
> "You have got to be kidding me. But your a girl."

18: But isn't the queen a girl too???
17: Maybe they were waiting for Freddy Mercury.

> "I am next in line to be queen. The rules of my people say when the
> queen is ill the next in line for the throne will take over until she is well."

18: [Chiya] Or until she gets off the throne, I have to use it soon.

> "So," said the one with unruly hair. "We will conduct this meeting with you?"
> "That is correct. Now for the last time which one of you is Karrotto?"
> "I am Karrotto and this is my brother Radditus. This is Nappa and his
> sister Saur. And you are?"
> "Princess Chiya please sit down." She said indicating to the chairs.
> Then they started a very long very intense meeting. After they came to
> some arrangments there was a banquet. The Chicackle commander kept

17: all the chicackles in line. They wanted to make Forribedian love.
18: Weren't they called Chiyackles?
Vegeta: I guess the writer felt that at this point, who's going to notice?

> the prinecess in his sights in case something happened he didn't like the
> sayains never did. He thought they where all disqusting animals.

18: The way they tried to hump your leg when you entered. That was disgusting.

> If they so much has tried to harm her he would kill them. He looked over
> at the Sayain named Karrotto and noticed he was looking at Chiya has
> she talked to the healer. Commander Talkaopea did not like the attention
> the Sayain commander was giving the princess. He didn't like it at all no
> monkey should show intersect in the royal house of the Chicackle.

17: Nor should they show parrallels to her. Straight Lines.... those were okay.

> Certainly not even when he was of royal blood. He forced himself into
> the conversation at present.
> "So it is decided then," said Karrotto. "We will bring the treaty back a
> month from tomarrow signed if the king approves."
> "Very well," said Chiya.
> Nappa and Radditus weren't paying attention they where discussing their
> latest victory. "Yes well Radditus while you killed four haundred I killed
> four thousand on Corhejsnshd."

Vegeta: Corhejsnshd? Isn't that the sound a fic dying?

> "Really," snapped Com. Talkaopea. "from what I heard they killed them-
> selves rather then be murd."

18: What's a "murd"...
Vegeta: Has any of this fic made sense?
18: True, true.

> "Commander," snapped Chiya. "Have you no resecpt for our guests?"
> Com. Talkaopea stopped dead in his tracks and paled at the look in her
> eyes.
> He bowed immedatly stammering appoligies.
> "You should have him killed for such impotinence," stated Karrotto.

18: [chiya] Sir! How dare you imply that I sleep with the commader to know of his impotence!

> Chiya stared at him saying, "with all do resecpt it was one of my people
> who spoke out of turn. I would like to handle myself."
> "Of course."
> "Commander you are has of this moment warned don't speak with such
> an impertant tongue again. Or you will not like the outcome is that clear?"
> "Yes princess," said the commander with a stiff bow.
> *****
> A month later they returned with the document signed.

Vegeta: It took the king a month to decide whether or not he wanted to crush Planet Shackle.

> The queen greeted them with her daughter by her side.
> "That is the treaty signed I presume?"
> "Yes your majesty," said Karrotto with a slight bow.
> "Good."
> *****
> Several weeks later

All three: Whoa!
17: What the hell?
18: What was the point of the previous little exchange?

> the King of Veggitta came to negotiate some more things. For the treaty
> the soilders that came with him where the same one's that came up with
> the terms.

Vegeta: Guess the meaning of the sentence and win a prize!

> The royal garden
> Chiya was walking thourgh the garden when Karrotto strolled up to her.
> He bowed to her stifly.
> "Karrotto," she said surprised.

18: [Chiya] That bow was so stiff you almost cut me!

> "What brings you here?"
> "The king."
> "The king?"

17: [Karrotto] The king.
18: [Chiya] Was it the king?
Vegeta: YES!!!!

> "Yes my dear girl the king wishes to make some more negotiations. This
> could take awhile so we will be here for some time."
> Chiya nodds her head silently. She understood all to well.

Vegeta: Oh, so in other words, many people have conquered Planet Chiapet!

> She started to say something when there was an explosion outside the
> garden. Karrotto leapt knocking Chiya out of the way. The explosion
> caused quite a stir. People started pouring out all over into the garden.

18: Leaving a thick greasy film all over the Begonias.

> Chiya was out cold. Karrotto got up dusting himself. He looked down at
> the young princess he felt a twinge in his heart but ignored it.

Vegeta: [Karrotto] Ah, it's just a mild heart attack, no need for alarm.

> He looked up to see the queen healers rushing past out.
> "What happened," said the queen. "Is everyone alright?" She looked around
> noticing no one was hurt beside her daughter. A soilder carried the
> princess to her room. Where the healers worked on her.
> The chicackle queen and the king of Veggitta worked out the loose ends for
> the treaty.

17: I think someone should work on the loose ends of this fic...

> *****
> A month later on Veggitta Freezia landed he nearly wiped out the entire
> race.

17: [Freeza] I'm building a mini-mall right here!!

> Before bringing the Sayains to their knees. Ordering them to stop the
> treaty they held with Chicackles. Then he ordered them to enslave the
> race under his controll. The Sayains did so in no time.
> *****
> A year later back on the planet Chicackle. Karrotto was the overlord of
> the planet. He resided in the royals house. The queen had gotten sick
> two months into battle.

18: They made a sick queen battle? The Saiyans are a cruel race.

> So the princess dicated the orders given by Freezia since her people refused
> to listen to anyone else. So Karrotto watched her back has she told
> her people their new laws. He hated to admit it but he grown rather fond
> of her. The moon three quaters full shone on her body. Eluminating it
> beautifully and causing a smirk to work it's way on his face.

17: The smirk was paid minimum wage with no benefits.

> He smirked has she turned away from the balconly. Stepping into his
> chambers whose balconies lead to overlook the mainsquare. She stopped
> when she was near his side.
> "Yes Lord Karrotto," she whispered.
> "Your people seem restless don't they?"
> "How long do you think they will even listen to you. Before they decide
> that you no longer care for their welfare?"
> Chiya said nothing. "You will say nothing but my dear girl. How can you
> defend your people if you will not even fight for their rights?" Chiya
> looked away angerily her ki rising. "So you still don't speak can you even fight."
> Her ki rose even more then before. Karrotto smirked he knew her
> eyes had gone from love to hate quickly during the war. Where only a
> handful of people survived.

18: So is there a war or not...?
Vegeta: Maybe this is some sort of trick... "guess the plot" or something.

> Chiya was about to leave for her quarters which she was forced to live in
> now. Then Karrotto stepped infront of her."I don't recall giving you
> premission to leave."
> "I wasn't aware I needed it now."
> "Oh you've always needed it I just haven't used it yet."

17: You had the power all along Dorthy... all you had to do was click your heels together...

> "Then why now?"

Vegeta: and for that matter, "how soon is now"?

> Karrotto smirked has he looked into Chiya's dark eyes.

18: [Karrotto] You ARE a woman right? Because the last few time this happened... heheh.

> He wouldn't force her if she refused but he hoped she wouldn't.

17: Force her to what? Wash his dirty laundry?

> He walked closer to her his tail lashing. Then when she walked backward
> he used his power to appear behind her and shut the door to the balcony.

Vegeta: Suddenly he knows how to teleport, even though he learned that when visiting the Yardrats.
17: Face it Vegeta, a LOT of this fic doesn't make sense.

> She whirled around in surprise. Karrotto reached for her yanking her to
> his chest.

18: Cracking her spine in several areas.

> Then he carted her to the bed. Where he lay her down undernegth him.
> Then he kissed her and was surprised but pleased when she responded. He broke the > kiss staring at her with a smirk. "Well maybe they where right
> maybe you have sided with me. However unconsously."
> Chiya gasped and tried to push him off of her. But she couldn't when
> he pressed his lips back on hers. His hands moved on the sides of her
> body. She gasped when he squezed her tigh.

17: Her what?
Vegeta: Does Bulma have one of those too?

> He moved to her neck kissing her where he felt her heart beat. He was
> well aware of her gasping at the presure of him. So he shifted slightly so
> she could actually breathe. Then he felt her raise her neck he nipped her.

17: Severing the jugular vein. Karrotto took his "kill" up a tree far out of the reach of the lions.

> She yelped then grabbed his face yanking it so he looked into her eyes.
> He smirked at her a minute then chuckled when she contenuied to glare.

18: I thought Dr.Gero kept the lemons to himself.

> "Well then little princess I see you're not always has calm has you seem."
> He leaned to kiss her slipping his tongue into her mouth.

Vegeta: The softcore porn music started...

> She arched her back and he slipped his tail around her waist. He smirked
> to himself and looked up pointing two fingers at the lights causing them
> to explode plunging the room into darkness.

18: Thank god.

> *****
> Karrotto woke up the next morning his arms around Chiya.

17: His mind quickly realizing what he had done he immidiately felt guilt.
Vegeta: But then, this isn't real life.
18: I think Vegeta knows a thing or two about regretting sex...
Vegeta: I was lonely... I didn't know humans got pregnant that easy!

> She was still sleeping he was impressed she survived.

18: his loud snoring?

> Most non-Sayains KArroidn't know why. But then he didn't care. He
> was shocked out of his thoughts by pounding on the doors. Then his
> brother marched in followed by Nappa. Karrotto rolled to his other side to
> stare at them. He hoped the girl didn't wake-up till they left or she would be
> in trobule.

17: No, buddy, HE would be in trouble.

> "Well?" he snarled in irratation.
> Radditus looked at his brother smirking when he saw his clothes and a
> females on the floor. "Well little brother do you always have such fun here or is this - > just recent fun."

Vegeta: [Radditus] Heheh, aren't my metaphors for sex clever?

> "Are you going to tell me what the hell your doing here?"
> "The prince wants to see you he's on his way here now."
> "And you had to come in here to tell me that?"
> "Well we wondered what you did for fun so we decided to find out."

18: [Radditus] Lets see how many more times we can use the word "fun".

> "Yes Karrotto," smirked Nappa. "So who's your little plaything?"

17: [Karrotto] How dare you call my manhood... oh you mean Chiya.

> Karrotto sneered then felt Chiya about to wake up. He reached out with
> his mind warning her to stay down. "No Nappa because I know you. You
> always try to take women away from your fellow elite."

18: [Nappa] My homely Nazi-esque look drives women wild.

> Nappa laughed he knew him to well. "You know me to well

Vegeta: I wonder if he knows Nappa too well.
17: Okay we get the redundancy of the fic.

> but it seems there is nearly a bond forming between you. So I don't think she'll caome > to me. Yet she dosen't fell like a Sayain. Who is she is she one
> of the girls here? Is she a pleasure slave for you?"

Vegeta: If I know Chichi, er Chiya, she is NOT a pleasure!

> Karrotto glared at him then he smirked. "Wouldn't you like to know?"
> Nappa glared at him has Karrotto laughed. "Wait," Karrotto said. "Now that
> I think about it those are probaly the only kind that wouldn't say
> no to you."

18: [Nappa] Well met, Karrotto! This battle of wits is over, for now.

> Nappa growled and then laughed he stared at Radditus who was also laughing.

Vegeta: [Nappa] *laughing* Oh Karrotto, you are such a joy!

> Then the two left so Karrotto could get ready for the prince.
> Karrotto turned over looking at Chiya face who wwas staring at him.
> Karrotto slide his tail and arms around her waist and back. Pulling her to him
> then kissing her deeply. Has Chiya responded equally and passionatly.
> Karrotto then drew back so he could get ready to greet the prince.
> Chiya walked into her chambers and saw Bulma standing in the room. Chiya
> gasped pulling the sheets tighter around herself.
> "Bulma what are you doing here?"

18: [Bulma] I don't know... I thought this was an AU fic!! How the hell did I get here???

> "I came to see you my friend."
> "Why?"

17: My thoughts exactly.
18: For that reason, why any of this?

> *****
> Karrotto waited outside for the prince to arrive. When the prince's pod
> landed Karrotto bowed. "Prince Veggitta what brings you here?"
> "I want to turn these people into slaves."
> "Slaves."
> "Yes slaves

17: [Karrotto] Are you sure SLAVES?
Vegeta: [Prince Veggitta] YES!
18: So, slaves....

> it's time they learned the might of the Sayains. That queen and princess
> will have to die. Or maybe I'll make them my personal slaves." He smirks
> and looks at Karrotto seeing him stiffen. "It seems you want the princess
> is she that much of a spite fire like I've heard. Very well then you can have
> the girl to do with whatever you wish."
> Karrotto said nothing. Veggitta laughs his head of has the sounds of Nappa
> and Radditus fighting could be heard.

Vegeta: Something will make sense at the end of this fic, I promise.

> *****
> "How'd you get here?"
> "I flew in."

18: *to Vegeta* I think this fic is breaking him...

> "But how I mean we are under Sayain rule now."
> "Then why are you still alive?"
> "Because the king didn't want to have to deal with angry mobs of my people."
> "Why would he care?"

17: Excuse me, but who's talking?
18: The fic that dares to ignore it's readers.

> "He dosen't it just that Freezia wants an alliance with the strongest races
> in the universe. So he can't do that with us dead."

Vegeta: Wait a minute.. if he killed them.. then he wouldn't need to alliance!! *sighs*

> "Oh really how long do you think he will keep you before he gets scared
> that someone will turn into the choosen?"
> "Has good of a chance that he will do the same thing to the Sayains for fear
> of the legend."
> "True."

Vegeta: What? The legend of a well written fic?

> *****
> Later that night in Karrotto's chambers he watches, has Chiya explains
> that they are now slaves to the Sayains to her people. He smirks when
> she walks back in the chamber advancing toward her. He grabs her
> and smiles down at her.
> "Soon beloved," he whispers. "You will be mine for all erternity."

18: Who is what?
17: Sometimes I like to imagine that all of this makes sense.

> Chiya dosen't resist has Karrotto drags her to him. Instead she allows
> herself to relax in his arms. Leaning her head on his chest. She
> didn't understand what was happening all she knew was that her people where
> no longer free. That she would probably be excuted. Her people
> probably thought her a traitor. She sighed in comtentment. She then felt a
> tenderly of his thoughts. (I won't let anything happen to you beloved.)
> (Huh?)
> (We where born with this beloved.

Vegeta: [Chiya] We were?

> Whenever we form a bond we and our mates can hear and feel eachother.
> But there is a downside sometimes the bond is so intense if one dies the
> other one will die has well. Besides I can't let anything happen to or my
> daughter you carry.)
> (But how did you know?)

17: [Karrotto] A fortune cookie told me.

> "I just do beloved. The only way for you to survive is if you become a
> sayain."
> "But how and what about my people?"

18: [Karrotto] Screw them!

> "They don't matter only you matter. Now stand still and this won't be
> has painful has it would if you struggled."

17: *Starts to cry* It's just not making any sense!
18: No 17!! Don't let the fic get to you!
17: No comma's or correct spelling!! I can't stand it!!
18: Shh.... it's okay!
Vegeta: Weak.

> Chiya gasped then struggled but went limp when his teeth sank into her
> neck. Karrotto drank some of her blood then he bite his tongue allowing
> his blood into her wound.

17: Oh, so now Saiyans are really vampires?

> Chiya opened her mouth to scream but was silenced when Karrotto's
> mouth covered hers has she began to change. Chiya withered in agony has
> her body changed. She started to whimper has a tail grew.

17: At least we hope that's a tail coming out of her ass.
Vegeta: Feeling better, tin can?
17: Yeah.

> Then she went limp in his arms whimpering softly he lay her on the bed.
> Then he shut the door to the balconly locking it. He returned to the bed
> and saw that Chiya was fast asleep.
> He smiled down at her sleeping form she looked peaceful. Karrotto
> then yawned and got into bed with her. He wrapped his arms around her and
> fell asleep. When he awoke Chiya's face was twisted into a painful grimce.

18: [Karrotto] My god, she's ugly in the morning!

> He stared down at her conserned the pain should be gone by now. After
> all becoming sayain by exchange of blood shouldn't be painful. But then
> again she wasn't exactly normal and they had never tried it before on one
> of her people.

17: The lesson- try experiments on your loved ones. So what if it kill 'em?

> He pressed his lips to hers. Concentrating on her thoughts he was suddenly
> in her mind. He saw the death of her father shortly after
> she turned five. He saw her secerts, her pains, her fears, he saw
> everything about her. He never would have guessed that her past was this
> painful. Then he came to when he first meet her. He felt what she felt
> when they first meet

18: was something she felt, but not quite felt right.
17: This is so lame.

> she was a princess bond to protect her people. He felt her certainty to
> do whatever it took to protect them. Then he felt her love for him grow
> over their meetings.
> He came back to the present with Chiya's arms around his neck. He smirked
> to himself. Then pressed her onto the bed beneath him.
> She gave a low throarty coise in the back of her thoart. He smirked into
> her lips has they kissed more passionatly. When he drew back her eyes
> shone black. Her hair was more wilder and an even darker black then
> before. He stared down his smirk growing wider.
> "Well," he said. "Do you like my little gift to you beloved?"

Vegeta: [Karrotto] The diet pills I bought you. Do you like them?

> "You really are more wonderful then I thought. Now I won't have to kill you."
> She frowned and pulled away frowning. She pushed him off

18: ...Still frowning...
Vegeta: Stop that.

> of her sitting up. "Are you still going thourgh with it? Will you really kill
> my people?"

17: [Karrotto] No, it's just a little inside joke I tell Nappa and Radditus.

> He looked at her frowning. Then he wrapped his arms around her holding
> her close. "Well we'll think of something beloved."
> Then they just sat there for awhile

18: still trying to think of something beloved.

> until a knock came. Chiya got up and went to >the door. She opened it
> slightly, then gasped in shock. She stepped back so that Radditus could
> step into the room. Then she looked at Karrotto who nodded then she
> left. Radditus watched her with a smirk across his face.
> "Well well little brother have you finally taken to the pleasure's of life?"
> Karrotto snorting said, "What do you want brother?"
> "I just came to see how you where doing?"

18: [Radditus] So WHO are you doing?

> "You mean you just wanted to see if there where any girls worth your time."
> "Well that too who knows maybe I'll try the little princess. What do you
> think little brother or is she yours?"
> "Stay away from her," he snarled.
> "Fine little brother I'll stay away from her. If you really want her that much."
> Karrotto growled deep in his throat. Then Radditus laughed and left to see
> how many women where worth his time. Which of course no woman
> in her right mind would give him the time of day.

Vegeta: That idiot Radditz. No wonder we never wasted a.... oh wait. I just remembered I was supposed to wish for immortality! Damn!

> ___________________________________________________
> A few weeks later Karrotto was going over the plans to save Chiya's
> people. But then some guards from Veggitta walked in. "Karrotto you are
> under arrest for treason."
> Meanwhile Chiya's people got together and decieded on what to do. So
> the high council called a meeting.
> _________________________________________________________
> Epilogue
> Karrotto was executed and his family was stripped of their honor and
> degraded to low-class.

18: What the hell?! That came outta nowhere!
17: The fic that dares to give too much information and sometimes not give any.

> Chiya was sent with her unborn child and others of her race to earth.
> Chiya's daughter was married to one of their kind. after they got the
> sayain blood out of her.

Vegeta: That sounds painful.

> Chiya though was executed soon after her daughter's fifth birthday.
> Karrotto and Chiya where born many times after this. They where both different
> but they seemed to know how the other was.

17: Huh?
Vegeta: This is as bad as that Robin Williams movie, "What Dreams May Come".
18: You watch his movies, Vegeta?
Vegeta: NO! Uh, I mean, it was the womans idea!

> Sometimes they where both sayain. Sometimes they where human.

17: [fic writer] Whatever the hell I feel like. Use your imaginations and that's what they were.

> Over the lifetimes they meet others whose lives also became entangled
> with theirs. Anyways the most recent records of these lovers' souls
> is told thourgh the stories of Goku and his friends. Now that is how they
> first meet and why they are always destined to be together.


18: Uh-huh. So in the entire cosmos their souls will be entangled forever? HA! What a joke!
Vegeta: This is by far one of the worst pieces of...
*DR.GERO's big ugly head appears on a screen*
Dr.Gero: So my pretties, did you enjoy today's trial?
17: Gero... he was so redundant!!! This isn't fair!
Dr.Gero: Too bad my rebellious little androids. Until you learn how to balence dishes on poles for my side show, you will never escape!
*His face disapears from the screen*
18: Prick.