DBZ: Lost Jerry Springer Episode II
by: Sam & Saffy
Jerry Springer: Hello.. today's show titled: "OH MY GOD!"  Today's guests will reveal things so shocking and sexually explicit that we felt it deserved to be on this show.  Soooo anyway! lets bring out our first guest who has returned from a previous show... PU-AR!
Puar:[flies onto stage and takes a seat center stage]  Hi Jerry!
Audience: [is confused that a cat-thing is talking] Uhhh
Jerry: So [reads off card] Pu-ar...  why are you here?
Puar: Jerry.. [places hands/paws in her lap]  I have a secret to tell my husband..
Audience: [is pretty much still staring at the cat-thing]
Jerry:  Well.. lets bring out your ..h-husband..[reads card] Yamcha!
Yamcha: [walks onto stage and sits in a chair]

ChibiSaffron: heh heh, okay
BlackstarRocket: lesse.. I really like the idea that Puar and Yamcha get together
ChibiSaffron: yeha
BlackstarRocket: 'cause Puar acts like she loves him
ChibiSaffron: puar: yamcha, im pregnant!
ChibiSaffron: yamcha: WHAT THE HELL! IM LEAVING YOU!
BlackstarRocket: LOL!! that's next time
ChibiSaffron: puar: T_T NO! FOR WHO?
BlackstarRocket: VEGETA!
ChibiSaffron: yamcha: CHAO TSU!
ChibiSaffron: chao tsu: WHAT THE FUCK?!
BlackstarRocket: ROTFLOL
BlackstarRocket: Tien: not my baby-ckes!
BlackstarRocket: *cakes
ChibiSaffron: lol!
ChibiSaffron: chao tsu: I LOVE TIEN!
BlackstarRocket: tien: *hugs chou-tzu
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: BUT I LOVE TIEN!
BlackstarRocket: LOL piccolo
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: im sorry, gohan. it just wouldnt work out
BlackstarRocket: Piccolo is probably a perv in love with gohan
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!!!!!!!!!!)
ChibiSaffron: lol, he's obsessed
ChibiSaffron: gohan: ::starts to cry:: why not?
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: because... i've seen the way you act around oolong...
BlackstarRocket: LOL Piccolo: you're too weak in battle
BlackstarRocket: Oolong wants a gay relatonship with Roshi
ChibiSaffron: gohan: T_T please, piccolo... i cant live without you
ChibiSaffron: roshi: ::smile:: hey, baba, watcha doin friday night?
ChibiSaffron: (its that how you spell her name?)
BlackstarRocket: ewww that's his sister!
ChibiSaffron: lol, it is?
BlackstarRocket: yeah
ChibiSaffron: ::blink blink::
ChibiSaffron: i not know that
ChibiSaffron: oh well, itsJerry Springer
ChibiSaffron: anything can happen
BlackstarRocket: LOL!
ChibiSaffron: well it can....
BlackstarRocket: I know ^_^
ChibiSaffron: chichi: THATS IT GOKU! I WANT A DIVORCE!
ChibiSaffron: chichi: 18 is a better lover than you are!
BlackstarRocket: Goku: what's a di-vo-rce? can I eat it?
ChibiSaffron: LOL@GOKU!
ChibiSaffron: 18: you bet, honey ::frenches chichi::
ChibiSaffron: ::chichi and 18 start making out on stage::
BlackstarRocket: Goku: I really think Krillin's prety hot anyway
ChibiSaffron: ::bulma and vegeta, after talking, run off to the ''back room''::
ChibiSaffron: ::from inside the room::
ChibiSaffron: bulma: WHAT THE FUCK?!
ChibiSaffron: ::krillin looks up from oolong:: ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!
BlackstarRocket: LOL!
ChibiSaffron: (heh heh)
BlackstarRocket: he likes ham sausage
ChibiSaffron: lol
BlackstarRocket: that's pretty gross
ChibiSaffron: king kai: oh bubbles!
BlackstarRocket: hehehe
ChibiSaffron: (okay, that was dirty, i sowwy --*)
BlackstarRocket: micheal Jackson: oh bubbles! oh king kai!
ChibiSaffron: lol
ChibiSaffron: y did they name KKai's monkey after Michael Jacksons monkey?
BlackstarRocket: I don't know
BlackstarRocket: so does Trunks really fall for Pan and Goten falls for Maron?
ChibiSaffron: i dono
BlackstarRocket: hmm.... okay
ChibiSaffron: oh well
BlackstarRocket: Goku: *pinces hisown nipple* wish I had Krillin now
BlackstarRocket: That's gross I know
ChibiSaffron: lol
ChibiSaffron: krillin: ::looks dende up and down:: now that i think about it... little fat namekian kids turn me on
BlackstarRocket: Goku: *secretly cross dresses*
ChibiSaffron: dende: o.o*: lol@goku
BlackstarRocket: (poor little Dende)
ChibiSaffron: lol, i know
BlackstarRocket: (he's so fat and cute)
BlackstarRocket: (you know he become Earth's guardian afetr Kami.. right?)
ChibiSaffron: (heh heh, this is from a fic i was gonna write a LONG tiem ago:
ash: ::desperately:: IM HIP! IM COOL!
misty: ash... you could suck the fun out of an ORGY!)
ChibiSaffron: yah
ChibiSaffron: (ash:...orgy?)
BlackstarRocket: (he's so kyoot)
ChibiSaffron: (^^ i know)
ChibiSaffron: ("Hey, Vegeta don't go getting drunk, remember you have to fly me home and I don't want to crash into a tree or
something." )
BlackstarRocket: Dende: *to Krilin* back off bitch
BlackstarRocket: (LOL)
ChibiSaffron: lol@dende!
ChibiSaffron: krillin: T_T
ChibiSaffron: oolong: come on, krillin, gimme some more!
BlackstarRocket: *sam comes in*
ChibiSaffron: master roshi: how come no one likes me?
BlackstarRocket: back off of my cute little friend Krillin!
ChibiSaffron: baba: I LIKE YOU!
ChibiSaffron: master roshi: -.-* thats not saying much
BlackstarRocket: *slaps baba* he's your brother!
ChibiSaffron: baba: he's still sexy, though
BlackstarRocket: *hugs Dende* I'd keep you as my kid
ChibiSaffron: (what's chichi's dad name? its something King, i know that)
BlackstarRocket: *jaw drops as she hears Baba*
BlackstarRocket: (OX king)
ChibiSaffron: mr. popo: OH KAMI!
ChibiSaffron: (okay, thanks)
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!!!)
ChibiSaffron: kami: >.< im too old for this
BlackstarRocket: (he always says "oh Kami")
ChibiSaffron: heh heh, i know
BlackstarRocket: (that is so funny)
ChibiSaffron: (hey, ya know how piccolo and kami are linked?)
BlackstarRocket: (yeah)
ChibiSaffron: (::binkbink:: i wonder--oh hell, you'll kill me if i say that)
ChibiSaffron: (NM)
BlackstarRocket: (say it!)
ChibiSaffron: (you probably know what i was gonna say anyway)
ChibiSaffron: (since they feel the same pain....)
ChibiSaffron: (oh heck, just use your freakin imagination)
ChibiSaffron: (i was doing a MST3K of the trunks video)
ChibiSaffron: (trunks: follow me! i wont bite!)
ChibiSaffron: (saffron: oh hell, im not going then!)
BlackstarRocket: (ewwwwwwww *imagines Mr.popo and Kami going at it while Piccolo shudders
in pleasure/pain*)
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!)
ChibiSaffron: (LOL!)
ChibiSaffron: gohan: ::binkbink:: piccolo, whats wrong?
BlackstarRocket: (that's cool.. you should post it.. hey we can do one videos together)
ChibiSaffron: piccolo:...nothing....kkkkid! not... now! OH YES!
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!!!)
ChibiSaffron: gohan: ::binkbink::oh yes what?
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: YES!
BlackstarRocket: (ROTFLOL)
ChibiSaffron: gohan: i didnt ask you a question
BlackstarRocket: (!!!!!)

ChibiSaffron: piccolo: ::yelps/moans::
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!!!)
ChibiSaffron: gohan: ::binkbink:: umm.... piccolo... are you okay?
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: ::panting really hard:: IM FINE, KID!
BlackstarRocket: piccolo: *sweating profusely*
BlackstarRocket: (LOL!)
ChibiSaffron: (whoa, a sorta ESP thing)
BlackstarRocket: (yeah)
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: as a matter of fact, im REALLY well
ChibiSaffron: piccolo: im better than ever!
BlackstarRocket: Piccolo: *smirks*
ChibiSaffron: mr popo: oh kami, you're good at that
BlackstarRocket: Piccolo: *throws back his head and grunts*
ChibiSaffron: LOL
BlackstarRocket: poor gohan
ChibiSaffron: i know
ChibiSaffron: gohan: piccolo! do you need help?
ChibiSaffron: gohan: DADDY! HELP PICCOLO!
BlackstarRocket: (ou know.. we should both MST3K Trunks eppy's and see what our results are)
BlackstarRocket: goku: *with Kirllin* daddy's busy!
ChibiSaffron: lol@goku
ChibiSaffron: (yeah!)
ChibiSaffron: oolong: T_T krillllllllllllllin!
ChibiSaffron: king yama: dont worry, little monk, i think you're sexy
BlackstarRocket: Krillin: *pant**grunt* number.. 18...
ChibiSaffron: king yama: T_T
BlackstarRocket: Goku:.. no honey.. say GO-KU
BlackstarRocket: Krillin: *sigh*
ChibiSaffron: jerry springer: hey, king yama... meet me in the 3rd dressing room on the right, after the show ::winkwink::
BlackstarRocket: (LOL)
ChibiSaffron: saffron: ::blink blink:: where's trunks? ::notes everyone around her:: oh shit, WHERE IS HE?!
BlackstarRocket: (I'm gonna try and MST3K the eppie's tonight)
ChibiSaffron: (okies!)
BlackstarRocket: (and I'll show you what I get later)
BlackstarRocket: trunks: *stumbles onto stage fending off Oolong*
BlackstarRocket: trunks: I'm here!
ChibiSaffron: saffron: YAAY!
ChibiSaffron: ::kicks oolong off the stage, and into the audience::
BlackstarRocket: trunks: *blushes* hey
ChibiSaffron: oolong: hey, audience member#2, you're HOT! want a date?
BlackstarRocket: Audiesnce: *throws the ugly pig-thing onstage*
ChibiSaffron: audience member#2 (porky pig) ssssssssussssu--okay!
BlackstarRocket: Oolong: *to poky* I see you have no pants *grin*
BlackstarRocket: *porky
ChibiSaffron: lol@oolong!
ChibiSaffron: (ya know something, puar is too small for yamcha's... NM--*)
BlackstarRocket: (yeah I know.. but she's also a shape shifter)
BlackstarRocket: (she can stretch)
ChibiSaffron: (oh yeah)
BlackstarRocket: (*shudder* *imagines Puars high pitch screams as she "mates" with Yamcha*)
ChibiSaffron: lol!
ChibiSaffron: holy hell, thats not right
BlackstarRocket: (*glass everywhere shatters)
ChibiSaffron: LOL!
ChibiSaffron: saffron: ::looks a broken glasses (broken, again) :: ::binkbink::
BlackstarRocket: Puar: OH
ChibiSaffron: saffron: o.o* holy shit
ChibiSaffron: (heh heh, on Ebay, they have a vegeta ''bop bag'' ::thinks:: i dont think i'd use it for BOPPING...)
BlackstarRocket: Yamcha: *thinking~ I umped bulma and humans for this? T_T~*
BlackstarRocket: (HEHE)
ChibiSaffron: lol
BlackstarRocket: (lemme see)
ChibiSaffron: puar: what the hell is that supposed to mean, scarface?!
ChibiSaffron: okay
ChibiSaffron: oooooo, it TALKS! (it says ''hey, is that all you've got?!" etc.)
ChibiSaffron: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=359525363
BlackstarRocket: Yamcha: I'll have you know women find scars attractive
ChibiSaffron: (acctually, i like his face)
ChibiSaffron: (his attitude/personality... NO)
ChibiSaffron: (he has the personality of a potatoe)
BlackstarRocket: (cool it talks)
ChibiSaffron: mmhmm
BlackstarRocket: (i'd buy it to hear his voice)
ChibiSaffron: (vegeta bopbag thingie: OH BABY! HARDER!
BlackstarRocket: (LOL I WISH!)
ChibiSaffron: ::thinks:: (this is from zelda's site) a vegeta no ouji inflatable love doll with realistic genitalia!
BlackstarRocket: (zelda has a site that says that?)
ChibiSaffron: (nah, it was the opening thing, and it was Antonio Banderas)
BlackstarRocket: ohh.. Zelda.. like VEgeta! damn you!

ChibiSaffron: lol
ChibiSaffron: ("So what do you from me?" Chichi sighed heavily. "My blessing to go screw him?"

BlackstarRocket: I'm going to trick her into liking him!
BlackstarRocket: ^_^
BlackstarRocket: (LOL CHICHI)
ChibiSaffron: (i know)
BlackstarRocket: (vegeta looks kinda scary as that toy)
ChibiSaffron: o.O i know
BlackstarRocket: (he's 4" and tat's sort of dissapointing)
BlackstarRocket: *that's
ChibiSaffron: lol, i know
ChibiSaffron: --* the real vegeta is taller than that
ChibiSaffron: (and thats saying something)
ChibiSaffron: (no offense,!)
ChibiSaffron: (::laughs::"Don't jump into things tonight. You're really mixed up about this, and without a clear head you could
rush things if you know, something happened."

Bulma shook her head in agreement. "You're right. Thanks so much." She gave Chichi another hug.

"What are friends for." Chichi calmly said. Bulma walked to the door and turned around and looked at Chichi, smiled and left.

"They're going to do it anyway." Chichi chuckled to herself.)
BlackstarRocket: well at least he can reach a certain part of the women's anatomy)
ChibiSaffron: LOL!
ChibiSaffron: that'd be sorta funny
ChibiSaffron: o.o how on earth does krillin do that?
BlackstarRocket: I don't know o,O
ChibiSaffron: o.O scary
BlackstarRocket: I never thought about it
ChibiSaffron: o.O good going
ChibiSaffron: now i have nasty krillin thoughts
ChibiSaffron: ewwwwwwwwwww
BlackstarRocket: ewwwwwww
BlackstarRocket: bitch 18!
ChibiSaffron: ::gets a bar of soap, and attempts at washing out her head::
ChibiSaffron: (not much inthere)
BlackstarRocket: hehehe
ChibiSaffron: o.O Dr. Gero is a pervert, ya know
ChibiSaffron: see, he's the one who created her
BlackstarRocket: oh?
ChibiSaffron: o.O nasty
BlackstarRocket: I know... why's that perverted?
ChibiSaffron: o.O think
BlackstarRocket: hmm *thinks* I dun see
ChibiSaffron: he designed her to have freakin KIDS
BlackstarRocket: oh yeah *shudder*
ChibiSaffron: ::shudder: yucky
BlackstarRocket: actually krilin wishedher human
BlackstarRocket: *actually
ChibiSaffron: o.O he did?
ChibiSaffron: oh
BlackstarRocket: Krillin was bored and horny
ChibiSaffron: ::blink blink:: SO THATS HOW SHE HAD KIDS!
ChibiSaffron: LOL!!! you bet
ChibiSaffron: ::blink blink:: oh man, now ive got nasty small krillin thoughts
BlackstarRocket: he's a bit of a perv himself
ChibiSaffron: krilin (to ED): hey, dragonman, make 18 fuckable, please
BlackstarRocket: OOO I must MST3K the EPPIES!
ChibiSaffron: ED: o.O fuckable? what the hell is that?
BlackstarRocket: I'm thinking funny stuff now
BlackstarRocket: (LOL ED & KRURIN)
ChibiSaffron: lol, this is disturbing
ChibiSaffron: ::thinks of her mom walking in and reading the entire jerry springer thing::o .o* holy crap, i'd be busted
BlackstarRocket: lOL
BlackstarRocket: I;m gonna save it ^_^
ChibiSaffron: ::closes little bubbly thing, just incase mom comes home::
BlackstarRocket: hehe
ChibiSaffron: i would, but if sister opens it
ChibiSaffron signed off at 8:18:47 PM.
ChibiSaffron signed on at 8:19:13 PM.