(author's note: There's almost zero punctuation in this fic. They don't even break it up into scenes. To top it all off, Gohan makes failing grades. Hello! Gohan.. SUPER NERD! I find this all impossible. >.<)

*Vegeta, 18, and 17 come in*
Vegeta: Aww hell. Another fic?
17: Dr. Gero says that last week's fic wasn't up to par. So now we have to do a dialogue one.
18: What an ass.

>Gohan Please Get a good grades

18: [chi-chi] Damn it Gohan! If you bring home one more A- so help me I will beat you unconcious!

>:by: Jenova and Rinoa Sanchez

Vegeta: Also known as the "Final Fantasy Girls". Meaning this is that last time you'll fantasize about anything. Period.
17: Two fic authors and not a brain cell betwixt them.

>Gohan: my mom always yells at me when I get bad grades

18: [Gohan] She calls me a worthless bastard. Is that wrong?

>Melissa: Well you can try to tell your mom you tried that's what I do
>Gohan: won't work on my mom she has like x-ray vision if I lie

Vegeta: So she can see your skull as you lie?
17: What has x-ray VISION have to do with lying?

>Melissa: then I don't got any idea's

18: [Melissa] My brain only GOTS one idea at a time

>Miss Mandy: Class you assignment this week is to write a poem
>Joe: WHY!?

Vegeta: Someone forgot to take his Ritilin

>Miss Mandy: Joe go get a planning time you don't interrupt through

Vegeta: What's a planning time?
17: It means you get to plan a new fic. It's how this one was created.

>Class is snickering
>Miss Mandy: Class please settle down, well it can be a poem or a legend,
>made up
>Cindy: man

18: [Cindy] tree car... hmm lets see what other random nouns I can use...

>Miss Mandy: this assignment is due at the end of the week see you
>Melissa: what are you going to do, Gohan

Vegeta: [Gohan] I don't know, since I'm home schooled by my mother. I'm not even supposed to be in a school until Orange Star

>Gohan: I don't know maybe take a video game legend
>Melissa: good plan

17: Sure anything's a good plan to a girl who can only come up with ONE idea.

>Gohan: but that is what I might do, what will you do
>Melissa: My poem you know the one
>Gohan: yeah pretty good, well got to go bye

18: Her poem is probably about lying to your mother

>Melissa: Ok, Bye
>Chi-Chi: a legend how great you can use the legend about our family,
>not including your dad

18: [Chi-chi] Remember, we're not supposed to speak about him again.. ever.

Vegeta: Why are we suddenly with Chi-chi?

18 & 17: *shrug*

>Gohan: I thought of doing this my self it has to be make believe

Vegeta: Yeah, the legend of a monkey boy and dragon balls is too realistic.

>Goku: how about the Sayin Race

17: [Goku] Or the Nam-ick Grand Prix?

>Gohan: yeah but a planet I don't know about
>Goku: go talk to Vegeta, he lived there longer then me

Vegeta: Wow.. see I've been mentioned in EVERY fic we've done so far. I AM important.
18: Shut up. Hey, you know... I'm surprised Goku is so coherent in this fic.

>Gohan: ah I will be going to my room, see ya

17: [Chi-chi] Okay I will be seeing you later then, Gohan.

>Chi-Chi: he never said see ya, where did he get that talk
>Goku: school

All: *snicker at the last exchange*

>Gohan: lets see my Final Fantasy 4 game it does have a legend and
>I remember, heh and he teacher won't know

17: Hey kid, go ahead. You're no Robert Frost. What are you... eight?

>Gohan started to write this:
>Once to be born from a dragon
>Hosting the light and the dark arises high up to the still land
>Veiling the moon with the light of eternity
>It brings another promise to mother earth
>With a bounty of mercy…
>…the moon is now shedding it's light on a new planet…

Vegeta: That's a legend? That was more like an intro to one.
18: Somehow I thought the "Legend" was going to be about unicorns, Tom Cruise and Tim Curry in a devil costume.

>Chi-Chi: Did you get you legend down
>Gohan: yeah, just down well good bye I am going out to train
>Chi-Chi: oh no you don't

17: [Chi-chi] Don't you dare talk to me in a run-on sentence!

>Gohan: what did I do
>Chi-Chi: I don't want you training like you father why not go and help Bulma

Vegeta: Yes that's productive, passing a wrench to Bulma.


18: [Gohan] I'm eight years old, mom. Why can't you realize that I'm a man now?!!

>Chi-Chi: oh yes I do, when you live under my roof you go under my rules
>Krillen: hey sorry I stooped

17 & Vegeta: *snicker at the word "stoop"*
18: *angry* So what if he's short?

>bye to ask if Goku can come over to my home, apartment whatever it is

17: [Krillen] You know, that box in the alley I call home.

>Chi-Chi: no he is battling Vegeta in a neighborhood war

18: [Chi-chi] The one where they throw Ki blasts at the neighbors.

>Krillen: cool I'm there
>Gohan: mom can I go
>Chi-Chi: no go read a dictionary

Vegeta: I think the fic authors should take Chi-chi's advice.

>Gohan: I read it last week

18: [Gohan] Remember mom, I wrote a book review that panned it.

>Miss Mandy: ok Melissa you go first
>Melissa: I did a poem

17: I bet if you knock on her head you can hear a hollow sound.

>Melissa started:
>That darn cat

18: [Melissa] was a movie that was bad as an original and sucked worse when Christina Ricci starred in it.

>Scratching my furniture
>Leaving paw prints on my things


>Miss Mandy: ok, Jake your next
>Miss Mandy: what was that
>Jake: BLA
>Chelsea: he can't speak English

17: Yeah he's from the Nation of Idiots.

>Miss Mandy: now you tell me this, ok next is Gohan
>Gohan said his legend

18: [Gohan] That darn cat...

>Miss Mandy: pretty good better then the others I heard

Vegeta: Hell, watching bread grow mold is more exciting than this!

>Gohan: heh, thanks
>Melissa: (I can't believe he did that)
>Gohan: (I can't believe I did that)

All: (we can't believe they said that)


17: They were hoping it was a fire.

>Miss Mandy: that was hell

18: [Miss Mandy] I hate those damn kids.

>Gohan: that was bad
>Melissa: yours was better then my poem

Vegeta: Yoko Ono screaming was better than her poem.

>Gohan: I like darn cat
>Melissa: I know but nobody else likes it

18: I could see Melissa committing suicide over this.
Vegeta: She'd probably grab a knife and then forget what she was about to do.

>Gohan: ok lets see, who is nobody
>Melissa: every body
>Gohan: how is everybody
>Melissa: I got to go

17: What the...??? What the hell was that all about?

>Gohan: don't forget to stop at Miss Mandy's room
>Miss Mandy: here are grades

18: [Miss Mandy] It only took me a moment to decide that you are all failures.

>Gohan: wow I got a perfect grade I higher my grade from a F
>Melissa: She hates me bye
>Gohan: hey wait

Vegeta: And we're now thrown violently into the next scene.

>Gohan: yes a F is good

18: If you're from Planet Moron.
Vegeta: Isn't that Where Kakkarot came from?

>Chi-Chi: Tell me how
>Gohan: *walking away* it means fantastic
>Chi-Chi: . . . .

17: *mock enthusiasm* Aww the clever little scamp!
Vegeta: He's momma's little liar.

The End

*Dr. Gero appears on a screen*
Dr.Gero: So what did we learn today my little mangos?
18: That two wrongs don't make a writer.
Dr.Gero: That's a bad pun. Bad android!
Vegeta: I learned that idiot mad scientists video tape me in the shower.
17: I learned that if you're supposed to write a poem and you don't want to lie to your mother, copy a poem and lie about your grade anyway!
Dr.Gero: Hmm... interesting. I like it. No leeches for you today 17.
*Gero's face disappears from the screen*
17: Hey! I don't get leeched today!
18 & Vegeta: Shut up.