*Vegeta, 18, and 17 enter to the torture chamber.*

Vegeta: Fics? Again?
18: It's like a mobius strip.

>Vegeta's day out with trunks

17: Also known as "Trunk's Last Day on Earth".

>by Tatakau

18: Question.
Vegeta: Yes?
18: Why do these people think someone is actually going to sue them for writing about a fictional character? So BADLY, I might add.
Vegeta: I think some authors just like to write in caps.


17: Actually, it's easy to mistake sloppy writing for a FUNimation script.


18: Now I just feel like he stole something.

>Author’s Ramblings

Vegeta: The fic hasn't started yet?!

>REALLY LIKE THIS ONE!!! i don’t know why either, lol!

17: [imitating author] I think this is excellent. Laugh out loud!

>i love the part of the milk. i think that was a beautiful stroke of genius.

Vegeta: Yeah, too bad we don't know what the hell you're talking about, kid.

>THE MASTER STRIKES AGAIN!!!!!! yea so, can’t really think of anything to say

18: I can. *Extends a fist out to fic and raises middle finger.* F-
Vegeta: *Knocks 18 down.* Shut up! I just want to get through with this.
18: *Getting up.* Asshole.

> besides that i may have made trunks and vegita a little out of character. . . so sorry all
> you keen DBZ fans out there, gomen nasai. . . like i said, can’t think of anything, WAIT!!
> i remember something. .. the part when vegita says ‘wouldn’t you like to know,’

17: Something tells me this goes on for several pages...

>that quote was taken from my friend poodle winkle. so i’ll give credit to her. all right,
> i can’t think of anything now, so better book it, i’m dead tired anyway. . peace out.

Vegeta: Hell, a mongoose would be tired by now.

>“Hey Vegita!” shouted Bulma as she walked around Capsule Corporation. After
>shouting his name for another five minutes Bulma went to plan B.

18: These fics always make Bulma look like an idiot.
17: Dial "B" for Bulma.
18: Not that a certain OTHER fic writer doesn't make DBZ characters look like idiots.

>“HEY VEGGIE-BABIE!!!!” screamed Bulma at the top of her lungs, knowing
>Vegita hated it when Bulma used her nickname for her hubby in public.

Vegeta: How clever. She has a death wish.

>Instantly, the Saiyan prince was by her side.
>“QUIET WOMAN!” he hissed, a look of panic on his face. He scowled and
>quickly covered up the paniced look with an annoyed look.
>“What do you want?” he muttered, crossing his arms.
>“I was wondering,” grinned Bulma, “if you could take Trunks to the barber shop and
>pick up some groceries on the way?”
>“WHAT?!” shouted Vegita. “ME?! DO A WOMAN’S JOB!!!!!?????!!!


> YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!” Vegita tossed his head. “Besides,” he
>snorted, “I’ve got better things to do. . .”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Like kill things and be a prince... you know.

>“Like what?!” asked Bulma, rolling her eyes. “Besides training and grumbling over
>Gokou’s strength?”
>“Like insulting you!” shouted Vegita.

17: Genius comedy!

>“Please Vegita?” asked Bulma in a soft, you-know-i’m-gonna-win voice,

18: I never understood why Bulma never used her "you-know-I'm-a-loser voice".

>“pretty please?” Vegita swallowed and shifted uncomfortably. Damnit, he thought,

17: [Vegita] I should have remembered my Preparation H.

>that woman knows how to get a man to do something for her. . .
>“FINE!!!” shouted Vegita, moving away from Bulma at the same time. “I’ll do it! But this
> is the only time I will!”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Unless you use the "You-know-I'm-gonna-win Voice™". Then I'm screwed.

> “Thank you, my veggie-babie,” whispered Bulma and lightly kissed him on the lips.
> Pulling away, she said normally, “Trunks is in his room. Get him ready because
>his appointment is at three.”
>Vegita nodded, waiting for a lecture.

18: ...from the author, I'm sure.

>“And that reminds me,” said Bulma, “You are not going to fly today. Too much risk
>after what you did the last time.”

18: [Bulma] You know. That THING you did. The thing that only we know about!

>“What?!” shouted Vegita. “The last time was that I just accidentally dropped him when
> an annoying seagull crashed into me!”

Vegeta: [Vegita] The stray seagull. Nothing at all to do with my baby bouncing experiments.

>“Exactly why you are NOT going to fly this time,” shouted Bulma in return.

17: Because a Saiyan's only weakness is a stray seagull crashing into them.

>“Instead you’re going to have to take a normal car. All of the capsule cars, which I
>believe are much better than normal cars,

18: That Bulma. Always whoring her Capsule Company.

>are broken down for some reason. That’s why I’m staying home- to fix them.”

Vegeta: [Bulma] *slowly* Yes... that's it... take the bait....

>“Great,” muttered Vegita. “Now I have to deal with pathetic earthling inventions. . .
>perfect. . .”
>“And here’s the list for shopping,” said Bulma handing Vegita a two page list.

17: Page one has "Spam" misspelled in red crayon and page two has a happy face.

>“You ate all the food last night so now I have to restock my whole kitchen.”

18: [Bulma] With Spam.

>“Hmph,” snorted Vegita as he scanned the list. “Eggs? Milk? Bread? What the hell is
>this stuff?!”

17: [Vegita] Vegita?! What the hell is this stu- oh, it's my name.

>“Don’t worry,” sighed Bulma. “Trunks will help you find the right kinds.

18: Because any simple toddler could do Vegeta's job.
Vegeta: Watch it, 'droid.

>Oh and that reminds me. Safeway is in the mall and in the mall is the jewelery fixing
>place. Can you pick up my watch that I sent in a week ago? The guy called me telling
>me that it was ready to be picked up.”

Vegeta: [Bulma] I could have done it yesterday, but I felt like nagging you to death.

>“Yea, sure, whatever,” muttered Vegita.
>“Ok, well that’s about it!” said Bulma, ready to go into her lab. “Just remember,

18: "Seatbelts" is Bulma's code word for dominatrix-style ass whipping. A metaphor for sex.
17: Oooooh. Neat.

> See you later. . .” Bulma went into her lab and shut the door.
>Vegita sighed and reluctantly got up. He didn’t know how he got stuck into this trap.

17: The "You-know-I'm-gonna-win Voice™" a foggy memory of two minutes ago.

>“Now where is that brat of mine?” muttered Vegita as he went upstairs. “Trunks where
>are you?” he called, trying to do a nice soothing voice, but only managed a
>disgruntled sounding one.

Vegeta: [Vegita] Why can't I do tricks with my voice?

>“In here, Daddy!” came the voice.

18: Please, let him be in a funny place. Like a toilet or something.. anything!
17: Calm down.

>Vegita winced at the name. He was going to have to get used to
>Trunks name-calling.

18: He was used to being called "huge asshole".
Vegeta: Bitch.

>Vegita went into the room. “Ready to go?” he asked. He looked at his son as
>Trunks put away his building blocks.
>“Yea,” Trunks said, “just a second.” He put the remaining blocks inside the box
>and shoved them under the bed. “Let’s go.”
>“Uh, Trunks,” said Vegita as they walked downstairs, Trunks sliding down
>the banister slowly, “where’s the car?”
>“Oh, here I’ll show you,” said Trunks and jumped off the banister and went into
>a room. Vegita followed.

17: Ah, Vegeta is looking for the "genius" laughs we were promised.

>There stood a gleaming red four-door car.
>“Here’s the keys,” said Trunks and shoved the keys into Vegita’s hand.

18: Whoa! A little rough, aren't you Trunks?

>He went to the car and climbed in.

Vegeta: Then he pulled an extra set of keys and sped off with the car, leaving the lame fic in the dust.

>Vegita, a little proud of his son at his use of knowledge of human things,
>followed and went into the driving seat.
>He put on the seatbelt and told Trunks to do the same. After he turned on the
>engine, Trunks pressed the button that opened the garage door and Vegita
>pressed down on the accelerator.
>“Amazing,” muttered Vegita.
>“What’s amazing?” asked Trunks.

18: [Vegita] It's amazing. You know, life when you think about it is so beautiful. *Cries.*

>“That I’m actually driving; I don’t even know the first thing about cars,” spat
>Vegita as he turned right.
>Trunks swallowed hard and silently prayed that nothing would happen during the
> car ride. But then again, what could he expect with a father like Vegita?

17: Oh, I don't know... DEATH maybe?

>“HEY WATCH IT YOU BAKA!!!!” shouted an angry driver as he swerved left
>and Vegita swerved right.
>“YOU WATCH IT BASTARD!!” shouted Vegita in return. “AND DON’T
>“BAKA!!!” came the shout from a couple feet away.

Vegeta: I get the feeling that this is the only Japanese word the author knows.
17: I get the feeling the author has been called this many times.

>Vegita got really angry then and formed an energy ball and hurled it at the person.
> There was an explosion and Vegita continued to drive.

18: The man in back of him screaming in pain as he was burning alive. The stench of human flesh aflame wafted under Vegita's nose. It filled Vegita with all sorts of memories...
17: Okay, 18. I think we understand.
18: Memories of his days on the battlefield...
Vegeta: Shut up!
18: Alright.

>“See Trunks?” muttered Vegita, “That’s how you deal with annoying and
>obnoxious bakas who serve no purpose to the world. Remember that.”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Remember you brutally overpower them with your inhuman strength and kill them on a whim. Remember that.

>“Sure Dad,” Trunks said uncertainly. “Right. . .”
>Fortunately they made it to the mall in one piece. Vegita only swore once during
>the whole car ride. By the time they arrived at the mall, Trunks was so glad he
>was in the public eye because that meant he had a reason to tell his dad to shut

17: "Public eye"? What his he? A celebrity?
Vegeta: He means in public view.

>“So where the hell is this barber shop?” asked Vegita as he slammed the door a
>little too hard. The windows rattled dangerously.
>“Inside, toward the left,” replied Trunks, quietly shutting his door as if to make
>a point to his father. “I’ll show you the way.”

18: [Trunks] The "genius" laughs are this way.

>Trunks dutifully led his father through the mall. When they arrived to the hair
>dresser shop with a sign that said, “LORRAINE’S HAIR SHOP”, Trunks pushed
> the door open and went inside, Vegita following.

17: Hey! That's not a barber shop! *Mutters.* You know they lead you up to something, then they don't even deliver.

>“Hey, Lorraine,” called Trunks. “My mom called in an appointment for me! 3:00,
> correct?”

Vegeta: The kid is old enough to know appointments he should be able to fly by now.

>A woman came out from behind the counter. “Oh, hi Trunks! Right you are
>and you’re just in time. Go have a seat.”

18: [Lorraine] I'll go get the instruments to bleed you with.
Vegeta: Good. Obscure references to barber shops and bleeding sick people.
17: Hey, it works.

>Trunks walked to the black chair. “Oh, and Lorraine, that’s my dad.”
>“Nice to meet you, sir,” replied Lorraine, holding out a hand.
>Vegita looked at it. The corner of his lip curled up.

18: He sniffed the hand, then curled up on the floor to sleep.

>He turned around and sat down in one of the waiting chairs.
>Lorraine stared after him. “Nice to meet you too!!” she called out sarcastically.
>“Uh,” said Trunks, “It’s kinda NOT good to anger dad; he’ll, er, kinda kill you.”

Vegeta: *Laughs.* Ah, the innocence of youth!

>Lorraine turned around and looked at him. “Yea, sure.”

18: [Lorraine] Feh. Me? Afraid of a large muscular stranger wearing spandex? Why should I be scared?

>Vegita watched as Lorraine wheeled Trunks over to a basin and washed his hair
>with good sweet-smelling shampoo.

17: [Trunks] Thank God she's not using the bad poo-smelling shampoo like last time.

>“Hmph,” muttered Vegita, “that’s the same stuff Bulma uses.” And remembering
> his wife, he smiled.

Vegeta: [Vegita] I'm sure she's making me dinner right now.

>Lorraine rinsed out Trunks’ hair and towel dried it. She wheeled him back in front
> of a mirror and slowly and gently, untangled the knots in his lavender hair.
>After she had done that, she took out the scissors and cut off the long strands
>that Bulma hated. After brushing off the loose strands, Lorraine turned on the razor.

18: See? She's going to bleed him.
17: That's an ELECTRIC razor.
18: ....


17: This is the part where Vegeta realizes girls are different from boys.

>Nearly dropping the razor on her foot, Lorraine shakily turned around. Before
>she had a chance to say anything, Trunks intervened. “Dad,” he said, “it’s just
> a razor. To cut hair easier.”
>“Oh.” Vegita sat back down.

Vegeta: Damn. I'm not a moron.

>After Trunks had his hair cut and Vegita had paid, they walked out into the mall.
>“So where’s Safeway?” Vegita muttered.
>“Down that way,” replied Trunks.

Vegeta: If he knows so much, why doesn't he go by himself?! It would save us the agony of reading this.

>Unfortunately, they had to go through a door that wheeled around in a circular

17: A.K.A. "the revolving door".

> After watching a couple people go through it, Vegita sneered.

18: [Vegita] It's like some kind of illusion. I'm not falling for it.

>“You except me to go through that merry-go-round?” he spat at his son.
>Trunks fidgeted.

17: Midgeted?!?!
Vegeta: You read that wrong.
17: Oh, you're right.

> “Come on, dad. It’s not that hard.” He took a step toward it.

17: [Trunks] C'mon. Don't be scared. That's a good boy- I mean dad.
18: *Annoyed.* It better not take the rest of this fic for him to coax Vegita into the door.

>“It’s easier if we just blew up the whole damn thing and stole everything,”

Vegeta: Yes, transcend logic... go for violence!

>muttered Vegita, but for the sake of his son and Bulma and everybody else in
>the world, he went trhough the rotating door.

18: They build suspense... then deflate faster than a balloon.
17: [Vegita] That was harder than a Rubick's cube.

>“So what did mom write on the list?” asked Trunks as Vegita pulled out a cart.

All: Spam and smiley face.

>“Here.” Vegita handed the list to Trunks and his son took full control.

Vegeta: This fic should be called "Trunks Should Get His Own Damn House Since He Knows How to Take Care of Himself".

>“Let’s go.”
>“Milk,” said Trunks and the two stared at the large display of milk cartons.
>“Which one?” asked Vegita, purely confused.

18: *Losing control.* JUST PICK ONE GODDAMN MILK!
17: Whoa, sis. Settle down.

>“Good question.”

18: *Grumbling.* Bad question.

>“Get the regular,” Vegita said, pointing to the Vitamin D carton.
>“What about chocolate?” asked Trunks, tapping the brown jug.
>“That ugly brown juice that looks like it was made from poo?” sneered Vegita.

Vegeta: *Flatly.* Pure genius.
17: Poo! *Snickering.* They put "poo" in the fic!
18: Are you okay, 17?
Vegeta: I think the 'droid is stressed.

>“Never mind, I don’t think I want to drink it anymore,” Trunks said, a little green.
>“Get half then.”

17: Do we really need or care for an explanation?
All: NO.

>“For your mother’s sake.”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Now let me go into a long dialogue with chart explaining why...

>“She’s always complaining of being too fat.”
>“No, then it’s nonfat she wants!”
>“I thought the milk was for you!”
>“I don’t know!”
>“Why don’t we talk one of each, damnit?!!”

17: Shoot me... someone.
18: It'll be over soon. I hope.

>“Works with me!! But no chocolate!”
>So they piled up the milk. The got the smallest size each so to not take up room.
>“What’s next?” asked Vegita as he sought room for the last carton.
>“Orange juice, homestyle,” replied Trunks.

17: So she specifies what kind of orange juice, but not milk?!

>“Homestyle?” grumlbed Vegita. “I hate those little damn pulp things. Get stuck
>in your teeth too often.”

18: He doesn't know what "eggs, milk, and bread" is, but he knows what "homestyle" means?! *sighs* C'mon fic. You can do better than that.
Vegeta: A monkey on crack can do better than this.

>“Then get one of calcium and one of homestyle. Two can never hurt,” said
>Trunks, pulling down two jugs.
>That’s my kid, thought Vegita. Knows how to deal with a situation.
>“What’s next?”
>“What kind?” asked Vegita, praying that Bulma added something.
>“Just bread.”
>Vegita groaned. “Damnit, why don’t we take this whole thing with us back home!”

18: Oh my God. I actually agree with him.

>Trunks shrugged. They went into the bread aisle and debated bewteen
>themselves to get whole wheat or regular white.
>“WHITE!!!!” shouted Trunks, who hated the wheat.
>WHITE!!” shouted Vegita back.

17: Hmm, "eat too much white". That just sounds wrong.

> For one thing, their voices matched.

Vegeta: ...And ignited a fire. It burned the entire supermarket down, and as gratitude the town rejoiced.

>Vegita grabbed two bags and tossed them into cart.
>And that was how the shopping expirience went.

18: Thank God! A summary!

> The total went somewhere past three hundred and fifty dollars. The two had
>the same trouble over eggs and ice cream. They bought every small container of
>ice cream, every basket of eggs, and at least five pieces of every type of fruit
> and vegetable there was in display. They ended up using four carts.

18: Yeah, yeah, two of every kind.
17: I'm just waiting for the flood.

>“You need help out, sir?” asked the clerk.
>“Are you sure, sir?” worried that the short man might break his back.

Vegeta: SHORT?! Excuse me, but I'm not short! I've just so many muscles that it makes me APPEAR to be shorter than what I really am.
17 & 18: Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaah.

>“NO!!!!” shouted Vegita, understanding that the clerk saw him short and weak.
> A slight blue aurora appeared around Vegita. It wasn’t very large, but it was
>large enough to freak the clerk out.

18: Wow, the Nothern Lights surround Vegita!
Vegeta: *Smugly.* I'm that powerful.

>“Y-yes sir,” he stammered.
>Vegita snorted and held his hand out to the carts. White light covered them and Vegita

17: and Trunks were assumed into heaven!
18: In a fic this bad? I'm hoping it's HFIL.

>easily manuevered them so that they followed him and Trunks out the door. They
>somehow crammed all the stuff into the car and went back inside the mall to pick up
>Bulma’s jewelry.
>Kicking open the door with a tremendous force, Vegita stalked into the room with

Vegeta: A gun, I hope. Anything is good at this point. A duck... anything!

>Trunks close behind him. Trunks was actually enjoying the day with his dad; it wasn’t
>everyday when Vegita decided to come out of his little hole


> (the gravity machine) and spend time with him.

All: Oh....

>The man behind the desk stiffened as he saw Vegita’s scowling face.

17: [man] Scowling men turn me on.
18 & Vegeta: That was uncalled for!
17: Sorry.

>“Bulma Briefs. A watch,” snarled Vegita, wanting to scare the man even more.

18: So he foamed at the mouth a little.

>“Yes, sir!” He quickly looked through his files and then nodding to himself, went into
>the back room.

Vegeta: Nothing porno-related, 17!
17: Damn.

>“Daddy?” came Trunks’ small voice on his side.
>“Nani?” Vegita looked down.

18: [Trunks] Why do you sometimes insert Japanese words and then talk English most of the time?
17: [Vegita] Watashi wa baka desu.

>“Did you ever get Mommy a wedding ring?”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Hell, kid, you were an accident. Besides, welfare cheques are pretty good when you're a single mother.

>Vegita froze. Come to think of it, no. They were married but they didn’t have the
>huge procession thing. He and Bulma both agreed on it that their marriage should
>be discreet.

Vegeta: Really now, she was 9 months. Who wants to see a wedding with a pregnant bride?

>“No.” Vegita looked at the rings on display. “I should get her one, huh?”
>"Yea!” He held out his arms. “Pick me up! I wanna see!”

18: IT was then, that little Trunks realized Vegeta was pointing to a RingPop.

>Vegita picked up his son, feeling ackward.

17: I think this whole fic feels "ackward".

> He and Trunks went over the diamond rings and finally decided on one ring. It was a
>one-carat diamond on a simple gold band. It was simplistic but yet Vegita
> knew Bulma would love it.

Vegeta: Of course, Vegita didn't know Bulma very well.

>“Here you go, sir,” said the man as he came out.

17: [Man] You cheap bastard, here ya go!

> He held a box and opened it to Vegita. “Everything all right?”
>“Yea, sure, whatever,” muttered Vegita, shifting Trunks to one arm as he grabbed
> the box and shoved it into his pocket.

17 & 18: *look at Vegeta* That thing has pockets?
Vegeta: Not... really.

> “I -uh, wanna buy a ring.”
>“Which one sir?” said the man, moving behind the glass displays.

18: [Man] I see the circus is in town.

>“That one,” said Vegita jabbing at the ring under the glass. Trunks helped
>emphasize his point by pointing at it too.

18: Because it would be cute to do so.

>“Excellent choice, sir!” complimented the man.

17: [Man] You've chosen the "I Hate You" ring! Isn't it lovely?

>After everything was totaled and Vegita paid for everything (in cash; his wife’s
>rich you know)

All: We know.

>he and Trunks walked back outside to the car.

Vegeta: And stuffed the body of the jewelry man into the trunk.

>“Uh, Trunks,” said Vegita as they got into the car.
>“Yea, Dad?” questioned Trunks as he put on his seatbelt.
>“Don’t, uh, tell your mother about this.” Vegita managed a feeble wink at his son.

17: About the murder?
18: About your newfound love for men?
Vegeta: That was low, 18!

>Trunks grinned. “No problem, Dad. No problem at all.”

Vegeta: [Vegita] Or else, some of your toys will suddenly disappear. Get the hint, Trunks?

>The drove home and somehow managed to drag all the groceries out.

18: Into the lawn, of course. Still, they made an effort.

>“HOLY COW!!!!” shouted Bulma as she saw the two boys go back and forth to
>bring in ALL the groceries.

18: [Trunks] Don't have a cow, man.

>“What, woman?” grunted Vegita as he dropped a whole pile of bags onto the floor.
> “You said you needed to restock.”
>“BUT NOT THAT MUCH!” squealed Bulma.

17: [Bulma] I just needed Spam.

>“It’s good to be prepared, ma!” cried Trunks as he hauled in the fourteenth carton
>of ice cream into the freezer.
>“Yea, sure. . .” moaned Bulma.

Vegeta: She squeals and she moans. She's starting to sound like Björk.

>Somehow, probably a miracle occured.

18: [author] I'm not really sure, yet. I'll have to check my notes...

>They had managed to fit in ALL the food into the refrigerator and cupboards.
>Astonished, Bulma, partially dazed,

Vegeta: Was confused and then bewildered.

>asked, “You got my watch?”

18: [Bulma] *Brooklyn accent* You got my watch? Have you got my watch?

>“Yea,” mumbled Vegita as he pulled the box out. “Here.”

17: This reminds me of such films as: Raging Bull, A Streetcar Named Desire...
Vegeta: Okay, shut up.
17: *as Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver* Are you talking to me?
18: SHUT UP, children.

>The phone rang and Trunks ran to go get it. When he had finished he came back.

18: When he finished running? That was pretty pointless.

>“Mom, can I go over to Goten’s for dinner??!! PLEASE?!” Trunks was
>particulary desperate because he really wanted his dad to surprise his mother.

17: Wow trunks is smart. He knows about gratitude sex!

>“Oh all right. But don’t stay there too long!” called out Bulma as Trunks ran out
>the door. The boy was in fine shape to go jogging all the way to Goten’s house.
>After awhile, Bulma got dinner ready. She set the table up and even lit candles.

17: I thought they said they were rich. They can't even afford the electric bill.

>Vegita was sitting at the table playing solitaire as she set everything up.

18: Never ONCE did it occur to him to help her.

>“What’s the occassion?” muttered Vegita as he dealt a card.
>Bulma shrugged and smiled.

18: [Bulma] What was my name, again? Tee-hee.

> “None. I don’t know; feel like I should do something special tongiht.”

17: And she's the genius of the show?


Vegeta: [Vegita] I think I have a Royal Flush here.

>They ate dinner in silence and Vegita for once didn’t complain about her cooking.
> It wasn’t so bad as it was as usual.

18: Meaning, no one vomited directly after eating it.

>When they cleared everything away, Vegita stood up and went outside.
>Bulma knew he was going out to train even though he should have waited at least
> an hour or so.

17: For the deadly toxins to settle in his stomach, I would guess.

>But Vegita knew how to deal with pain, so Bulma wasn’t too worried.
>She went upstairs and changed into her nightgown. Getting into bed, she pulled
>out her favorite book and started reading. Bulma had a tendency to always go
>and sleep over to the left side of the king sized bed.

Vegeta: Unfortunately, no one cared.

>Although it was rare when Vegita actually came upstiars to sleep with her,

18: He usually slept outside in a small house. People dubbed it the "dog house".

>she always felt that the right side was reserved only for Vegita.

17: So what side of the bed did Yamcha get?
Vegeta: Shut-up.

>She was almost falling asleep when she heard the door knocking.

18: [door] Let me in, I'm scared!

>“Uh, come in,” called out Bulma, confused.
>Vegita came in. Bulma raised an eyebrow. Since when did he KNOCK?

Vegeta: He didn't. The fic said the door was knocking.

>“Is it a bad time?” asked Vegita as he shortened the distance between them.
>“No, it isn’t,” replied Bulma, even more confused. Since when was Vegita
>CONCERNED if it was a BAD time or not? The man just went with whatever
>fitted HIS needs, not others.

18: Vegita: the heartless bastard we know so well.

>“Is the watch okay?”
>“Yea, it’s fine.” Bulma was stared at her husband, concerned. Was he sick?
>“Uh, well, I just wanted to give you this,” muttered Vegita as he dropped a box into
> her lap.

17: [Vegita] It's a time bomb. You have 60 seconds to answer the questions correctly, Ms.Briefs. Or DIE.

>“What the -” Bulma opened it and gasped in surprise.

18: [Bulma] This looks so cheap!

>“But why?”
>Vegita shifted uncomforably. “Uh, well I never gave you a wedding ring, so I thought
> this would make it up.”
>Bulma looked up at her husband. Smiling she grabbed his collar and pulled
>him down for a kiss. When it had ended, she let go of him and said,
>“Thank, Veggie-baby.”

All: *Sacrastic.* Awwww. *Retching.*

>Vegita smiled ever so slightly.
>She looked at him teasingly. “So how much was it?”

Vegeta: [Vegita] The cheapest I could find.

>Vegita snorted. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he muttered and bent his head
>down for the final goodnight kiss.

17: Wow! That was the final line that the author quoted from his/her friend!
18: No one cares.

>The End

Dr.Gero: *Face flashes on a large moniter.* Hello, darlings.
18: That was too long.
17: And boring.
Vegeta: And to think, the memories of "genius laughs" and quoted lines will stay with me always. *Sighs.*
Dr.Gero: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps next time I will choose something less... funny.
18, 17, & Vegeta: WHAT?!